Ship Ahoy!

Dear Friends,

In 1770, as Lieutenant James Cook and his crew sailed up the east coast of Australia, they landed at only three places. Two are well-known: first at Botany Bay, where the British flag was unfurled and then at the mouth of the Endeavour River in northern Queensland, where their ship HMB Endeavour needed repairs after hitting a coral reef.

In between these two places was Round Hill Head, also on the Queensland Coast at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. On 24th May 1770, Cook came ashore to explore this beautiful beach, where the bush meets the ocean in a protected inlet.



While they were there, the crew killed and ate a large bustard. It was the best meal they’d eaten on the voyage and Cook named the inlet Bustard Bay in its honour.


Since then, the only change along this stretch of scenic coastline is the development of the small town of Seventeen Seventy, named after this conspicuous date and situated a little further round the bay.



As I sat on the beach, alone and feeling contemplative, I tried to imagine what it must have been like for those intrepid sailors from long ago. When they stepped onto the gleaming white sand on a warm, cloudless day much like the day I was there, what were their thoughts?



If I had been there, I would have been tempted to jump ship and stay forever.



  1. That Cairn makes you look very tiny, Justin. Isn’t that part of our country just beautiful!

    • I am not very big at the best of times! We all love travelling up the QLD coast. JB

  2. It looks like a lovely spot – I don’t blame you for thinking it might be nice to stay there forever!

    • And that was in the middle of winter Elaine!

      • Oh my, how lovely it must be in the summer too – although perhaps a bit hot?

        • Yes you would probably find it too hot then and also quite humid. The ocean temperature would be perfect then for swimming. JB

          • I think I would be prepared to put up with the heat and humidity if swimming in the ocean was going to be good. 🙂

  3. Nice views!

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