Nice To Meet You!

Dear Friends,

Did you read The Eternal Traveller’s story this week about the Tree Top Walk in the Valley of the Giants? In her role as my personal assistant, Mrs ET comes with me on some wonderful adventures. We both loved seeing the giant red tingle trees from the top of the  walk, and being an alpine beaver I wasn’t scared of the height at all.




What Mrs ET doesn’t know is that she was so busy looking up at the trees she missed some of the other oversized creatures at the Walpole Discovery Centre. I went for a quiet wander by myself and along the way I met some gigantors of the forest floor. A colony of ants was busy around their nest, while Millipede was scrounging through the leaf mould.



Scorpion and Centipede were doing their best ‘looking fierce’ poses and Elephant Weevil…he was just weevilling around.




With the benefit of hindsight I think it’s a good thing Mrs ET didn’t meet these creatures.

She’s not as brave as I am and her reaction might not have been pretty.





  1. Justin, you are very brave. I’m sorry you think Mrs. ET has such a feint heart. I don’t see her that way at all. Man hugs, Manny xxx

    • She hides it well Manny! You would have loved the big bugs I reckon. JB

      • You know me. I’m all boy! Guess that’s why we got along so great! Male bonding. 🙂

  2. Justin, you are so lucky to have a “personal assistant” who takes you on such wonderful adventures! I hope you appreciate her!

  3. I bet you are the first alpine beaver to walk on that walkway! The photos of the ‘wildlife’ were a bit spine-tingling for me – I tried to skip through them as quickly as possible – eek.

    • They were larger than life that’s for sure!

      I reckon you’re correct. I didn’t see any other beavers that day. JB

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