Sweet About Me

Dear Friends,

My trusty Pocket Oxford Dictionary defines the meaning of the word ‘remarkable’ as exceptional or worth noting.


From the outside, The Remarkable Sweet Shop in Arrowtown didn’t look all that exceptional, but once inside I was overwhelmed by the amazing selection of sweet treats.


There was fudge, in flavours from passionfruit to hokey pokey – fabulous.


I couldn’t decide which chocolate-coated creation I liked best.


And the lollies! I was simply lost for words.


In the end I needed help to make a choice, because I just couldn’t carry one of everything.


 Believe me, I tried!



  1. Oh my! Sweet and chocolate heaven! Do they deliver? Perhaps they would send you one of everything? 🙂

  2. It looks like those lasses enjoyed meeting the famous Justin!

  3. Justin, can you describe the flavor “hokey-pokey”?! I’ve never heard of it!

    • Mary, hokey pokey is another name for honeycomb, sometimes covered with chocolate. It’s delicious. JB

  4. Adorable, Justin! You are the sweetest! 🙂

    • Thanks Marsha, I like to think I’m a sweetie! JB

      • Let me just bite a bit of your leg. Plugh, Yuck. You’re not as sweet as you look and sound! 🙂

  5. Justin, Manny here. Mom is just a little mushy sometimes! I am just envious! It looks like you are out having fun. I came home from OK, had a long hot bath, and sat around and did nothing. Mom even took me to HI, and didn’t take me out one time! I want to come back and live with you! 🙂 Your Friend, Manny! 🙂

    • You need to speak to Marsha about this Manny. Your adventurous spirit is being worn down. I’m in Western Australia at the moment. You should see the chocolate here and the ice cream and the cakes….I’m in heaven.JB

      • I can’t tell you what I think of HER right now! I’m NOT speaking to her. Maybe you should talk to her for me. She seems to think I did something in HI that caused me to have to stay in the room the rest of the trip. I DIDN’T do ANYTHING WRONG! Manny :[

        • Oh no. Maybe you need to smile very sweetly and cuddle up.

          • I hadn’t thought of that. That might just work. She’s always cuddling that dumb dog of theirs, and she never gets mad at her.

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