Weird Science

Dear Friends,

One of my favourite places in Brisbane is the boardwalk along the river from Southbank to the Queensland Museum and Art Gallery precinct. Every time I go there I see some of the local wildlife.

Have you ever seen a spoon-snake? This one was in the garden near the Queensland Art Gallery Café. While spoon-snakes are extremely rare and elusive, they are also quite tame.


I didn’t go close enough to this lizard to find out if he was tame. He looked very fierce and I didn’t want to interrupt him while he was perfecting his camouflage skills.



My favourite creature is this giant silver cicada. He lives on Melbourne Street between the Museum and the Performing Arts Centre. His wings glisten like rainbows and he sings beautifully.


The most unusual creature I’ve seen in Brisbane was this…

well, I’m not entirely sure what he was.


Does anyone know?




  1. I really like that area of Brisbane, and it seems so well used by residents and visitors.

  2. I’ve not seen a spoon snake before- he looks like he might make a lot of noise when he is slithering along! The creature at the bottom looks like a cross between a gingerbread man and a candy cane.

    • The spoon snake wasn’t moving so I can’t tell you how noisy he would be, but I think you are probably right Elaine. That last creature certainly looks edible doesn’t he! JB

  3. I think that is a baby picture of me! I’ve never even herd of a spoon snake, but very interesting. Manny!

    • I don’t know, Manny, that baby isn’t very pretty. It couldn’t possibly be you.

      • At least I wasn’t eaten at birth! 🙂

        • There is always a positive outlook to everything!

          • Ouch. Did you just take a bite out of my hair? I know it was sticking up, Carol, but that’s no excuse! 🙂

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