Me and Manny Down by the Schoolyard – Weekly Photo Challenge – Room

Dear Friends,

Manny and I went back to school this week. The old classroom looked just the same and the teacher was still there. (I often wonder – do teachers ever go home, or do they live in their classrooms?)


Even though our visit brought back happy memories, I was glad I’m not at school any more. The work on the blackboard looked way too complicated. Manny and I had a quick look and then moved on before the teacher could ask us any questions.


We didn’t want to get detention!


PS My Personal Assistant The Eternal Traveller says she can remember using a slate like the ones on these desks when she first started school. She must be really old!


  1. Nice pictures, back to school ….. old school. 🙂

  2. I think teachers feel as though they never go home! When I was training to be a teacher, I was working in a Nursery school and one of the children asked me if we closed the curtains at night, when we went to sleep. 🙂
    Great photos. I remember sitting at desks like that, but we didn’t have slates – we had moved on to paper by then!


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