Somebody’s Watching Me

Dear Friends,

For a long time I’ve had a theory about ducks and recently I conducted a scientific investigation into their innate ability to seek out those who have food in their possession.

First I needed to find a nice peaceful place to stop for morning tea, with a lake and picnic tables and not a duck to be seen.


As I expected, it didn’t take long before a duck appeared out of nowhere.

He was acting very nonchalantly but I observed that his TGHF radar was switched on. *



In a flash two more ducks arrived on the scene.

The word was out on the FFH duck-network. *


And before I knew it, I was completely surrounded by hungry ducks who were behaving as if they hadn’t seen any food for weeks!


My suspicions were confirmed. Ducks all over the world spend their days waiting for unsuspecting tourists, watching for the first Scotch Finger biscuit to come out of the packet and preparing to advance and attack. It’s a highly organised offensive and only those with paid up membership of HDU can participate. *

And if you’re wondering if I shared my biscuits, the answer is YES! I felt like a sitting duck surrounded by all those feathered food warriors.


I nearly went quackers!


*TGHF – This Guy Has Food

*FFH – Free Food Here

*HDU – Hungry Ducks United



  1. Ha Ha this is so true. Whenever we go to the duck pond in the Botanic Gardens we are quickly surrounded. Nothing to do with the fact that you’re not supposed to feed them and we turn up with a loaf of bread(!). Keep that to yourself, I want to leave Singapore without a fine 🙂

  2. I’ve often wondered about this, so thank you very much for conducting an experiment and proving that ducks have some special sense which detects food.
    P.S. Are you getting over your dislike of birds?

    • I think I might be in bird remission Elaine, and it helps that no birds have tried to either eat me or take me to their nest recently. These ducks were more interested in biscuits than beavers thankfully. JB

      • Perhaps that is the secret, JB, always carry some biscuits with you in case of chance meetings with birds!

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