Welcome To The Jungle – Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist

Dear Friends,

Have you ever heard of dry rainforests? No…neither had I until I went to Cania Gorge National Park. The words “dry” and “rainforest” aren’t usually found in the same sentence.


I did some research and found out there are remnant monsoonal forests in the north of Australia that survive in protected gorges where the rainfall is less and the plants have adapted to the drier climate. Large vines flourish in these forests and they twist and turn everywhere, up tree trunks, over rocks and across the walking tracks.

There was another unusual sight for hikers in the national park the day I was there: a German beaver doing a Tarzan impersonation!


Now that’s an unexpected twist!


ps I’m good at doing impersonations!



  1. So, I had to do a search for this gorge, and found out: “Cania Gorge is one of Queensland’s best kept secrets”. It looks wonderful. Thank you, Justin B. xx

    • That’s a very good description. It is very beautiful and very peaceful, except when Tarzan the Beaver is swinging through the trees. You should visit. JB

  2. I hadn’t heard of a dry rainforest, thank you for posting this. Did you accompany your Tarzan swing with the traditional Tarzan calls? 🙂

    • Elaine, I did a variation of the tradition Tarzan call by yodelling my way across the treetops. It was a unique rendition. JB

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