Hitchin’ A Ride – Weekly Photo Challenge – On the Move

Dear Friends,

Anything vintage is very fashionable at the moment and I fell in love with this old tricycle the moment I saw it. I hopped up the front expecting a wonderful ride. I waited…and waited…and waited, but we didn’t move. I was beginning to think this bear wasn’t much of a bike rider until I noticed that an essential element required for movement was missing. There were no pedals!

tasmania 017

We went nowhere fast!




  1. Reading Justin Beaver’s adventures just make me smile!

    • Thank you. That is what I am hoping for. I’m glad you are enjoying them! JB

  2. Awesome find!

  3. That’s a very odd tricycle – I can’t work out what its real purpose is, if it hasn’t got wheels. It seems to have a handlebar though.

  4. Perhaps it has been adapted just for bears and beavers to sit on. There is no saddle either.

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