See You In The Spring – Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

Dear Friends,

Australians always know that Spring is on the way when the wattle trees start to bloom.

While Acacia pycnantha, the golden wattle, is Australia’s national floral emblem, there are 959 other varieties of wattle growing in all parts of the country.


I found this tree covered with fluffy yellow blossoms at Richmond in Tasmania.

tasmania 006

Some people believe their Spring time allergies are caused by the pollen from wattle. I don’t know if that’s true.

tasmania 070



The Eternal Traveller wrote about wattle too, and you can see more photo challenge posts here.


  1. The blossom looks very unusual, in fact so do the leaves – quite different from anything we have here. Sorry about the hayfever. 😦

  2. Salud! (that’s what they say in Mexico when someone sneezes) The things you go through just to get that perfect shot. I miss the Australian wattles, and many other unique flora and fauna, thanks for this post!

    • Thank you. I feel much better now. I’m glad you enjoyed looking at the beautiful wattle again. JB

  3. We lived in a house when I was growing up that had so many wattle trees around it, it was everywhere, all different types. I should plant on in my garden, the bees love wattle. Thanks for reminding me about it Justin.


  1. Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Spring | The Eternal Traveller

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