Sail On Sailor

Dear Friends,

Have you ever been mistaken for something completely different than what you are? I’ve been mistaken for a Canadian beaver and a teddy bear in the past, which is not so surprising. But I was absolutely astounded when a canal boat captain in Bruges thought I was his tip!

Let’s go back to the beginning of the story. Manny and I had been enviously watching these little boats, laden with tourists, sailing up and down the canals all day so we decided we should go for a ride too.


We bought our tickets and found great seats at the front of the boat.



Off we went alongside beautiful medieval buildings,


under old stone bridges


and past some of Bruge’s more unusual inhabitants.


As we returned to the dock at the end of our trip my personal assistant The Eternal Traveller took a photo of the captain with us. And it was then that the captain thought she was giving us to him as payment for the boat ride!


 I was quite relieved when Mrs ET retrieved us – we could have spent the rest of our days pressganged into service!

Talk about near misses!



  1. Goodness Justin, that was a narrow escape! Whilst a trip on one of those boats would be lovely, a lifetime of it might have got a bit dull after a while.

  2. Hello Sailor!!!!

  3. Now here is a story Manny didn’t tell me, Justin! I suspect there is much I don’t know! 🙂 Congratulations on your award. I voted for you. I hope you get lots of votes. I love your blog, and Manny is still in awe that he got to spend so much time with you.

    • Marsha, I have plenty more where that came from but there are some stories Manny and I will never tell. I miss Manny. We had a lot of fun together.

      Thank you for voting for me. Could you spread the word by sharing my link on Facebook please? Mrs ET would be very grateful.

      • You have your own FB? How cool! I don’t think I’ve been there. Would you put your link in the response box so people can see it here, and then I’ll share it other places, too! 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Manny's Blog and commented:
    My friend Justin is up for an award for his superb blog. Please follow this link for vote for Justin’s blog, The Adventures of Justin Beaver.

  5. Very near miss, is that because of the language barrier?

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