Growing On Me

Dear Friends,

You know that old saying about things that don’t grow on trees? Well, look what I’ve just found growing at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

easter eggs

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, so I took a closer look. Sure enough, Eggea chocolatus, more commonly know as the Easter Egg plant, was in full bloom.


Unfortunately these sparkly eggs weren’t quite ready for harvesting but I’m certain that by now the egg pickers will be hard at work.


I hope the Easter Bunny brings some when he comes to your house. He’s already been here!


Happy Easter,


See more of my adventure at Gardens by the Bay here.


  1. Justin, your eggs look delicious. Dad bought some Easter Roses, but no chocolate. Bummer. He says chocolate is not good for bears – little does he know! 🙂 Hope your Easter has been wonderful, Justin. Manny xxx 🙂

    • Have you not told him about all the chocolate we ate in Belgium? JB

      • I think Dad wanted to keep all the chocolate for himself. Don’t worry about me, Mrs. ET. I have my ways. 😉 Manny xxx

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