The Happy Wanderer

Dear Friends,

I’d like to introduce you to my very talented friend Leanne Cole. She lives in Melbourne, enjoys wandering on the weekends and is the creator of Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY. We caught up when Mrs ET and I were in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and we were lucky enough to spend the afternoon discovering the city with her.

Before starting our explorations we needed some sustenance so we stopped for a while at Brunetti in Federation Square. (Note to Leanne: I think this should become a tradition!)


It was here that Mrs ET decided to take a selfie of the three of us…just look at the result! Honestly, her photography skills leave a lot to be desired but at least she got me in the frame and in focus.


We walked to Hoosier Lane, where the alley is filled with colour. A group of artists covers and recovers graffiti with this amazing street art so the walls change all the time.



I’m not sure what this freaked out flower was looking at, but she was certainly worried about something!


In Federation Square Cleopatra was on the big screen so we watched for a while and I got up close and personal with Elizabeth Taylor.


Thanks Leanne for a wonderful afternoon. I think Mrs ET should have some photography lessons with you before our next excursion.

Happy snapping,


To see more of Mrs ET’s terrible photos, click here!



  1. I was there, haha, it was a great afternoon Justin Beaver, so glad you enjoyed our trip around the city, I think the start at Brunettis must become our tradition, I look forward to the next trip.
    PS You have to stop scaring the flowers though, or word might get around.

    • Leanne, I always thought I would get on well with flowers, but now I’m wondering about that!

  2. It looks like a great afternoon out and I think the way it started was perfect – you can’t go out exploring on an empty stomach. 🙂
    I think Mrs ET’s selfie has a lot of life and charm about it – I’m sure she intented having it at that jaunty angle. 😉

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