All These Strangers

Dear Friends,

I am a long-time fan and follower of Russell’s The Top 10 of Anything and Everything. His posts always leave me either laughing or starving, depending on whether he’s featuring animals or desserts. This one from last week gave me inspiration for a story of my own about meeting unusual creatures.

The town of Damme in Flanders has a dog on both its coat of arms and its flag. According to a local legend the town was once terrorised by a dog sent by the devil. But when it was threatened by flooding after a storm the citizens used the dog as a dam and disaster was averted. In fact, the town’s original name was “Hondsdamme” which means dog’s dam.

I met the devilish dog on a doorstep in Damme and he wasn’t nearly as fierce as he looks. Maybe several hundred years of being used as a flood mitigation device has tamed his unpleasant personality!


I came across this giant hedgehog strolling alongside Bankside in London one warm autumn day. He was out and about making the most of the lovely weather before finding a cosy pile of leaves in which to sleep away the winter months. Hedgehogs are usually extremely prickly characters but this one was quite cuddly and very friendly.


By far the most unusual creature I’ve met so far was this one. He was prancing around the streets of Chinatown in Sydney.


I don’t quite know how to describe him – he was big, blue and bouncy. And how could I resist someone with a love heart for a nose?


Who he was I never found out but I have a sneaking suspicion he was hiding something.

Any suggestions?



  1. holy cutefest, Batman!!

    • Now there’s someone I’d like to meet. Maybe Batman could have a beaver for a sidekick instead of Robin.

  2. Russell Deasley

    I feel a top 10 Beavers on Dragons post coming!!!

    • I would love to see that! I did think about listing the ten craziest creatures for you… JB

  3. The last one, the blue bear, looks like he might have eaten a person. 🙂


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