Looking For Clues

Dear Friends,

Schwarzes Moor is an untouched area of natural beauty in the Bavarian Rhӧn in Germany. It’s more than 700 metres above sea level and has a layer of peat 6.8 metres deep.


It’s been listed as a special protection area since 1939 and many rare animals and plants flourish here. Some live nowhere else on earth! Manny and I had heard that the rarest of all creatures lives here and we decided we wanted to meet him. So we went in search of the Bog Monster!


We followed the raised timber path across the moor through a ghostly forest of silver birch trees. It was the perfect place for a Bog Monster to hide and although we looked carefully he didn’t reveal himself.


We risked our lives to peer into these pools of unmoving blackness. They looked tranquil on the surface but if the Bog Monster was there he could have reached up and dragged us down in an instant.


We climbed up 80 steps to the top of the observation tower hoping that a birds-eye view might help us spot the monster’s home.


We couldn’t see anything that looked remotely like a Bog Monster’s dwelling but we did enjoy seeing the moor from on high.



Manny began to take more risks and eventually he reached a fraction too far – and fell into the bog. I panicked; certain that he was about to be dragged away, never to be seen again.


Luckily he was quick to bounce back onto the path and I breathed a sigh of relief. Imagine if I’d had to tell Marsha Lee that Manny had been snatched by the creature from the black bog.

Eventually we decided to sit and wait quietly for the monster to come to us…


…but he didn’t ever show himself.


Or so we thought…


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