C Is For Cookie!

Dear Friends,

My reputation as a lover of delicious food landed me the most fabulous job this week. I was invited to be the quality control inspector at the Snowy Mountains Cookies factory in Jindabyne!


The cookies have to be seen to be believed – they are huge, full of fruit, nuts and chocolate and they are simply delicious.


There is a strict standard to uphold and any cookie that isn’t top notch doesn’t make it out the door. That’s where I came in. I had to check each cookie carefully for defects, and I even managed to taste-test a few. My favourite was the date, dark chocolate and coconut…a divine combination. Any imperfect cookies were packed in boxes for sale in the factory outlet shop by my lovely assistant Sophie.


As the brochure said, they might not have been perfect but they were still tasty!


And what was my payment for working at the factory?


Cookies of course!


PS: I can also recommend the Double Choc and Walnut cookies and Mrs ET’s favourites were the Apricot Cranberry Almond and Coconut cookies.

PPS: The best idea would be try one of each, because it’s impossible to choose!



  1. Sounds like that was a tough job Justin!

  2. That last cookie looks like my fav, Justin, ol’ Buddy! Manny 🙂

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