Nice Weather For Ducks – Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

Dear Friends,

I’ve been working on my aversion to birds, and this week as part of my therapy I was given a very important job to do.

Mama duck had somewhere important to go so I was appointed Official Babysitter for her fluffy, feathered offspring.


I watched carefully as he paddled and played.


I made sure he ate his lunch


and when Mama duck returned she could see that I had done a stellar job. Her baby was safe and sound.


Happy mother + happy baby = happy beaver!




  1. 🙂

  2. Good job, Justin!

  3. Very cute! Imaginative. I like that.

    Here is my modern family:

  4. You captured the same family I did. lol. Very nice!

  5. Well done Justin – you did a great job. It looks like your therapy is working!

    • I’m feeling much more confident and it helps when the birds don’t see me as their next meal.

  6. Nice, I love it 🙂

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