Rainy Day Blues

 Dear Friends,

Manny and I were enjoying a peaceful stroll along the beach in Blankenberge when we came across row upon row of little houses.


These quaint beach huts were all different in one small way or another. Some were colourfully painted, others had verandas and there were even a few with decorative windows. We could imagine ourselves setting up house in one of these cute little places.


There was one particular hut which caught my eye and we went closer to have a look.


The figure painted on the front of the hut looked very familiar, except for the very grouchy look on his face.


The character I was reminded of would never be this cranky!


Manny and I couldn’t read the Dutch writing so we looked it up.


According to Google Translate the unhappy man was saying:

cranky santa

If that’s how he really feels, he’s in the wrong place!




  1. I do love a beach hut – especially in Brighton. Broadstairs has done it as badly as Brighton has done it well.

    The building behind your huts are quite foreboding?????

    • The whole seafront was these buildings. I think they were apartments and hotels. It didn’t help that the sky was so grey. JB

  2. Ha ha, that’s funny! I know how he feels though.

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