In Hiding

Dear Friends,

I was walking through the beautiful Brunswick Square Gardens in the London Borough of Camden


when I spied a very shifty-looking fellow. It was plainly obvious he was trying to hide something. I was very curious so I followed him and this is how our conversation went:

S: This tasty nut is all mine and I’m not sharing with anyone.


JB: Good Morning. Are you having breakfast? I’m feeling a bit peckish myself.

S: Oh no, he wants my nut! Can’t he see it’s a single serve?


JB: Where are you going? I’m new in town and I’d like to have a chat.

S: Cripes, he’s following me. I need to hide my nut somewhere safe.


JB: You know, tree climbing isn’t one of my favourite pastimes.

S: Right, if I go up high enough he won’t be able to see where I put it.


JB: You are going up very high. Are you sure it’s safe up there? I can see you’ve climbed this tree before so I think I will just wait down here for you.

S: He’s still there. What did I do to deserve a stalker at this hour of the day?


S: If I stay very still he might think I’m a statue.


JB: Are you coming down soon? I’m getting a crick in my neck looking up at you.

S: If I put on my fierce face he might take the hint.


As you can see the conversation was very one-sided and most unsatisfactory. Beavers don’t eat nuts anyway.



  1. great photos, captioning, and storytelling! 🙂

  2. Great photos – what an accommodating squirrel, they are normally very fast!

  3. aimingtobegreen

    Fabulous 🙂 Justin did have lots of fun with the squirrels. The park ones are a lot tamer than the ones I saw in the woods!

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