Ice Ice Baby – Weekly Photo Challenge – Let There Be Light

Dear Friends,

I’m not your ordinary beaver, as you’ve probably noticed, and one of the beaver-ish things I don’t do is venture underground. Sometimes though an opportunity too good to turn down presents itself and I take up the challenge.

I was on Fox Glacier with Dean of Fox Glacier Guiding when he discovered a new ice cave. He decided to explore and invited me to tag along.



The blue illumination from the daylight above was eerie and even with my fur coat on the air was very chilly. I was secretly glad that Dean didn’t want to venture further into this subterranean grotto.


My career as a spelunker was very short lived!



  1. Wow, amazing pictures. Beautiful colours….but much to cold 🙂 Pawkiss 🙂

  2. I hiked Fox Glacier several years ago and found it gloriously beautiful, especially the blue ice. Not in a million years would I have ventured in under the ice!!!! You are VERY brave!

    • It was really amazing and I did feel very brave at the time. I was pleased to be above ground again though! JB

  3. These are fantastic photos, Justin – I love all the blue hues. Dean is quite easy on the eye too. 😉


  1. Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! (III) | SIM | ANTICS

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