Dear Friends,

Given that I’m a high altitude beaver from the Bavarian Alps it’s only natural that I would enjoy heights. But there has to be a limit, even for me, and I reached that limit at Skyswing Rotorua.


I watched as those foolhardy enough to try this ride were slowly raised to a height of 50 metres where they dangled for what seemed like an eternity before being released like stones in a slingshot. They plunged towards the ground at a speed of 120 kilometres per hour- it was not a pretty sight.




The screams of terror from those on board as they hurtled through the air were bloodcurdling, and hearing them shrieking was enough to convince me to find another way down the mountain.


The Skyline Gondola was the perfect alternative – safe, sedate and hurtle-free, with beautiful views over the city of Rotorua and plenty of time to enjoy them on the way down.


There was no screaming or shrieking and the only things dangling were the gondolas as they passed by on their supporting cables.


This is my kind of ride.



  1. I agree with you whole heartedly Justin – nothing would entice me to get on the Skyswing! A gondola ride is a very pleasurable experience.

  2. The cable car is scary enough for me! My hubby has been on the Skyswing here in Singapore, I wouldn’t go near it! Is that a familiar face on your Skyswing or are my eyes playing tricks with me?

    • Yes, it’s Mr ET showing how brave he is! Mrs ET and I just watched…

      • I thought so! He looks a bit lonely though, maybe next time you should join him… but DON’T eat any chocolate beforehand…

        • That is a very good point. I would not want to see chocolate going to waste!!!

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