Junk Food Junkie – Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers

Dear Friends,

I know I’ve been talking about chocolate a lot lately, but I just had to share this photo with you for this week’s challenge.


It was taken at the shop at the Cadbury factory in Hobart, Tasmania.

Can you imagine how exhilarating it was to be surrounded by layer upon layer of chocolate…I was in chocolate heaven!




  1. YUMMY 🙂

  2. JB you have good fast in chocolate. If I ever get to Cadbury World (Beside Daughter #2’s uni) I will take a shot for you, Sir.

  3. Chooooccccooolllaaatttte…yyyuuummmm

  4. A cruel photo to torture the chocolate-lovers among us!

    • Sorry Tina, torture wasn’t my intention. I think you should go out and buy some chocolate right NOW!! JB

  5. Chocolate has to be Cadbury’s, don’t you agree Justin?

    • I’m not really fussy Cath, as long as it’s chocolate! Cadbury’s is rather nice…JB

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