A New Career in a New Town…


Dear Friends,

Remember when I had a work experience day at Fox Glacier? It was so much fun and ever since I have been hoping I would have another opportunity to learn a new trade.

When I was in Brussels I decided to go on a free walking tour with Robbert of Sandemans New Brussels. Robbert is great – he knows everything there is to know about Brussels, he remembers all the people he takes on tour and best of all, he said I could tag along and learn the finer points of operating guided tours.


I watched while he shared his knowledge of and passion for Brussels with his spellbound audience, all the time wondering if I could ever do as well as he does.


Then I began to think about all the things I know about and the types of tours I could run, and the list was just grew and grew.

Being an alpine beaver, I could do the “Justin Beaver Tour of Very High Places”.


I’m sure lots of people would like to come along on the “Justin Beaver Tour of Famous Comic Book Characters”.


Best of all would be the “Justin Beaver Tour of Chocolate Shops of the World”. This is definitely my area of expertise.


Who’s going to join me?





  1. Yes please Justin – I’ll join you on all of those tours, though perhaps the chocolate one would be my favourite. 😉

  2. I’ll be there. I think you ought to market yourself to students, for sure. If you are going to be a tour guide, there must be a map skill or two that kids need to learn. I think you do VERY well! 🙂 Keep up the good work, Justin! 🙂


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