Me and My Friends – Weekly Photo Challenge – Horizon

Dear Friends,

Adventure travel writer Tim Cahill once said: “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” On my latest journey I was privileged to meet three followers of my blog who have also become my friends.

Cath lives in Singapore and is the creator of Lizzie Rose Jewellery.



She is an accomplished crafter of specially beaded jewellery and designed these lovely bracelets for my personal assistant The Eternal Traveller. We met in here, in Albert Street, and shared a drink or two in a delightful little café in the courtyard.


The evening was warm and the atmosphere was tropical and relaxed. I’ve assured Cath that when she moves back to her home in Portugal I will come to visit her there too.

In London I met up with Elaine from I used to be indecisive.


Last year after my visit to the Cadbury factory in Hobart, I promised Elaine I would bring her some Caramello Koalas when I was next in England. What better excuse could there be for a get together than a chocolate delivery?

9 The British Library

We met here at the British Library, which is fitting because Elaine has kept a log of all the books she has read since 2004. (The list is very long!)

I gave Elaine two bags of chocolates – Caramello Koalas and Freddo Frogs, and in return I received two boxes of shortbread biscuits. (She obviously knew all about my sweet tooth.) We talked for hours…


Also in London I spent an afternoon with Mrs Carmichael of being mrscarmichael fame. She is as hilarious in real life as she is when she writes and we laughed ourselves all the way to the top of The Shard and down again.


Unfortunately she is also very elusive because of the nature of her work as a mannequin so I only have her elegantly manicured hand to show you. Believe me, even this is quite an achievement.


I consider myself honoured to have met these fellow writers/kindred spirits. Knowing them has broadened my horizons in so many ways.


“Mrs Carmichael, look down there!”




  1. I need more photos like that! All my best bits!!!!!
    It was wonderful to meet you JB and of course, Mr and Mrs ET as a job lot 🙂

  2. It was great to meet you Justin, and your minders Mr and Mrs ET – didn’t we have a wonderful time? I still have one or two of the very tasty Caramello Koalas left, but all the Freddo Frogs have gone now. I would like to thank you for introducing me to The British Library – you would think that a book lover like me would have been there before, but I hadn’t!

    • I hope you think of me every time you go there Elaine. You are being very restrained with your Caramello Koalas. My shortbread fingers didn’t last that long! JB

  3. It almost looks like Justin is in Chicago with Randy and me looking down from Willis Tower! That’s a long way down there! 🙂 What a fun trip you all had! Love that you got to meet some bloggers. I’ll be glad when we get the same opportunity! 🙂

    • Marsha, we must meet soon. Manny has been telling me all sorts of tales about you and V, although I’m wondering if he’s exaggerating a little! JB

      • Manny does tend to exaggerate, but if that’s what will get us together, then bring it on! You should come with him when he comes home! I’m sure they could find an extra seat on the plane for you! I can’t show you around the way your mom and dad showed Manny around, but you could see a lot of California. If you come soon, you could go to St. Louis with me, and then to HI. Think about it! :):)

        • I couldn’t possibly travel without Mr and Mrs ET.

          • Then, JB, I guess you will just have to bring them along with you! 🙂

  4. It was lovely to meet you whilst you were passing through Singapore. Hope you and your fellow travellers had a wonderful time meeting friends from around the globe!. Can’t wait to read more of your stories about the trip. I feel terrible that I didn’t give you any sweet treats so I will definitely remember your sweet tooth next time we meet! Cath

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