Mystery Man

Dear Friends,

One of the things that happens to famous people is that they’re instantly recognisable. I don’t mind this at all and I’m more than happy to spend time with all my friends and fans. It’s nice though when the opposite happens and I find myself unnoticed by those around me.

Manny and I weren’t the only people on the viewing platform at Main Tower last week. There was a crowd of tourists enjoying the wonderful views of Frankfurt, and also a television crew. At first I thought maybe they’d heard I was coming but it soon became apparent that I wasn’t their interview subject.

The camera man spent ages getting his focus just right.


The lighting guy was busy setting up all his equipment.


The presenter practised his lines over and over.


The tourists were so intent on watching all the action they didn’t even see me, which meant I was free to enjoy myself incognito. It was great!

The only question is…who is this mystery man?

Does anybody know?



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