Message in a Bottle

Dear Friends,

Messages have been placed in bottles and thrown into the ocean for more than 2000 years by star-crossed lovers, explorers and scientists. Theophrastus, an ancient Greek philosopher, used message-filled bottles in a science experiment in 310 BC while Christopher Columbus put a report of his journey into a bottle and tossed it overboard during a violent storm in 1492.

The day I went to Eli Creek on Fraser Island I found a message in a bottle.


The bottle was bobbing along on the waves and, as I watched, it gradually washed up onto the beach. I was eager to see what was inside it – maybe an SOS from a shipwrecked sailor or a forlorn love letter from a broken hearted suitor. But no, it was nothing as exciting as that, just a brochure for a Fraser Island resort and a few small coins.

DSCN7315I was so disappointed.

This started me thinking. If I was going to cast a bottle into the ocean to be washed up on a distant shore and discovered by a stranger what would I put inside it? Firstly I would put in a photograph of myself, because believe it or not, there are other Justin Beavers in the world, and I would want the finder to know exactly which Justin I was. A recording of my yodelling would be a great addition to the message. I am renowned for my singing, as you all know. I would include a postcard of Alpspitze, my home in Germany. And finally I would put a link to this blog, so that the finder would be able to read about my adventures around the world.

DSCN7314Imagine finding my bottle washed up on the beach…what a treasure!



  1. “If I was going to cast a bottle into the ocean…”
    Why “If…”?
    Just do it! 😉 😀

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