Gone Fishing!

Dear Friends,

From this lookout Lake Cania appears to nestle into the rolling, green hills surrounding the Cania Gorge National Park.


The day I was there my curiosity about the lake was stirred by this sign, or to be more specific, by the tricky question posed by an inquisitive traveller.


I decided to investigate. On closer inspection I couldn’t find any evidence of fish in the lake. Its mirrored surface gave no hint of aquatic life…


 … but there was plenty of life on the shore. These Apostle birds, so named because they usually live in family groups of 12, were enjoying an early morning bath, while others scratched around in the grass.



A Kookaburra watched on while a Blue-faced Honeyeater searched for insects among the leaves of the gum tree.


It turned out I wasn’t the only one looking for fish. These keen anglers were enjoying a quiet moment on the water.



They were tight-lipped though. If they knew where the fish were biting they weren’t about to tell me.

The mystery remains unsolved!



  1. That a great view you have there, in the first photo, and I really like the mirrored surface of the water – great reflections. How did you cope with meeting the Apostle birds and the kookaburra? I hope they didn’t frighten you too much.

    • Thanks Elaine. I didn’t get too close to all the birds. The zoom lens on my camera is great! JB

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