We Like To Party!

Dear Friends,

You know how it is when you go to a party and take the time to do some people-watching? There are always several different types of party animals to observe.

1. The greedy guests: They like to hang out where the food is and make sure they sample everything on the table.

tasmania 196

2. The gossips: A touch of scandal or some whispered hearsay is sure to liven up any party.

tasmania 195

3. The wallflower: This guest just sits and watches without joining in all the fun.

tasmania 191

4. The Intellectuals: These guests like to partake in stimulating conversation on deep and meaningful topics in the hope of appearing highly intelligent.

tasmania 187

5. The gate crasher: He brings along his whole family and expects to blend in with the crowd.

tasmania 190

He usually gets offended and leaves in a huff when people start looking at him and wondering why he’s even there.

tasmania 177

These guests all have one thing in common – they always leave before the clean-up starts!

tasmania 192

What a mess.



  1. I hope you had an intelligent conversation with those intellectuals Justin! They look at bit intense…

    • I tried Cath, but they weren’t as intelligent as they wanted me to believe. All they talked about was how high they could jump.

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