The Two of Us

Dear Friends,

The dingoes of Fraser Island are well-known for their bad behaviour and tricky ways around tourists. They have become so used to humans that they are not frightened, and at times there have even been some nasty attacks.


I’d heard all about this from The Eternal Traveller but even so I listened carefully when tree-sitter and dingo expert John gave me a few extra tips.



I had no intention of becoming lunch for a hungry dingo so I was happy to observe these beautiful wild animals from a safe distance.


But unbeknownst to me there was an even greater peril on the island, and I was not prepared when confronted by this extreme danger.

No one told me to beware of small children at the beach!







  1. The ultimate humiliation, being used as foot rub. Poor Justin.

  2. Sorry Justin, I couldn’t help but laughing. You do look miserable! hehehehe But at least you are getting lots of attention! 🙂

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