Gold Rush

Dear Friends,

The second largest gold nugget ever found in Australia was the Welcome Nugget, discovered at Bakery Hill in Ballarat on 9th June, 1858. It weighed a whopping 150 pounds and was sold for £10,500 sterling the following year.

4 Welcome nugget

Ever since I saw a replica of the Welcome Nugget on a miners’ memorial in Ballarat I’ve dreamed of finding treasure like this, and on a recent trip to the Princess and Queen River Gold Mines at Lynchford in Tasmania I had the perfect chance.

Sept 25 014

I was offered the opportunity to pan for alluvial gold at the mine, but the weather was dreadful so I decided to leave the tourists and explore on my own in the museum.

Sept 25 020

And what a lucky decision that was. I didn’t have to pan for gold, or go digging underground. I found a huge nugget in the display. Why would I go out in the freezing rain when the gold was just lying around inside.

Sept 25 024

Sadly I found out that this nugget belonged to the museum and I couldn’t take it home.

Soon I came across an even better supply of gold – on top of this orange and ricotta cake. Who knew gold leaf tasted so good?

2013-08-10 14.01.01




  1. Yummy! 🙂


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