Dear Friends,

Have you ever heard of the big, bad Banksia men?

They are the scoundrels of the Australian bush in the stories of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, the gumnut babies created by May Gibbs in 1918. They are actually the cones of Banksia serrata and form after the plant has flowered. When I saw my first Banksia flower I was captivated. It was so beautiful – the pale golden petals looked so fragile and ethereal.


Then I saw older flowers, even more stunning in their rich coats of bronze. I just couldn’t believe that anyone would envisage these gorgeous blooms as villains.


But when I saw these aging cones it didn’t take much for my imagination to go wild. Now I could see what May Gibbs saw when she called them ugly, wicked little men.


In her stories they scared the gumnut babies and all the bush creatures, and even I was a little intimidated by their hairy, grey faces and dry, spiky bodies.


I think I’ll stick to reading about them. It’s safer that way!





  1. You suit a flower, JB. Bags packed for London Town yet?

    • Thanks mrsc, as long as it’s the lovely yellow flower and not the crabby dead one. I like to travel very light – I only have one pair of lederhosen. My personal secretary, Mrs ET, handles my baggage!

  2. There should be plenty of flowers in London this time of year! 🙂 Come to California we have prickly plants not nearly as pretty as yours. 🙂

    • I am definitely coming to California one day soon Marsha. JB

      • That’s great. I hope you will bring your mom and dad, too. 🙂 I think Manny will soon be coming to see you. He is in Spain right now. Are you going on the big trip with your parents? I’m jealous, you know! 🙂

        • My bag is already packed Marsha!

          • All right then. Have a great trip! Send me lots of pictures. I also like the ones that don’t make it on your blog! BTW, don’t you EVER get dirty. Manny is always getting himself into scrapes, but you always seem to look picture perfect!

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