Beauty and the Beast

Dear Friends,

According to Wikipedia a bunyip is “a large mythical creature from Aboriginal dreaming stories, said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes.”


The fiercesome reputation of the bunyip is legendary so I was wary when I found out there was one at Mulgildie. I needn’t have worried though.


This scaly creature was gentle and friendly, and we spent a wonderful afternoon together. (I gave him some timely advice about dental care.)


Now, every time I come to a waterhole I look to see if there’s a bunyip in residence, but so far I haven’t met another one. I hope if I do he’s as approachable as my Mulgildie mate!


From one legend to another!




  1. Justin, you are so funny! Where are all your fans? Your stories are so much fun you should go viral. 🙂 You need to tell all your beaver fans that you are doing a blog! Maybe all the kids at your mom’s school should check out your blog. They would learn something, too! Sorry to lecture you, Justin, but I’m not seeing nearly enough likes on your page for as good of stories as you write! 🙂

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