Dear Friends,

I was looking back through all my letters to you and I realised that I needed to add a new category to my sidebar. It’s called “Famous People Who’ve Met Me”.

The list of celebrities who have my autograph seems to grow every week. Do you remember when I had drinks with Humphrey, sang with Dusty and danced with the Queen? Last October Freddo and I shared some sweet chocolate treats. In December I sat in Santa’s chair, and that’s close enough for him to count. I’ve explored the great indoors with Bear, swapped tall tales with Pinocchio and posed for photos with One Direction. And I was visited by multiple bunnies at Easter this year.

My latest celebrity encounter happened this week when I met up with this dark, silent character in Sydney. He didn’t say much but I felt his brooding presence.


May the force be with you.



  1. Phew you exhaust me, JB? Who are you hoping to commune with in your up coming trip to the homeland?

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