Butterfly Kisses

Dear Friends,

I’ve discovered a new passion; a fascination so spellbinding it’s all I can think about. It’s more than just a passing fancy, I’m totally infatuated. I’ve become a lepidopterist!


Usually butterflies flit from one place to another with such speed that it’s impossible to have a conversation with them. While I was visiting Cania Gorge I hiked to Fern Tree Pool and on the way I met Phaedyma shepherdi, the White-banded Plane. Instead of flying she was resting on the path with her wings outstretched – I was instantly besotted.


She hitched a ride while I walked and she even whispered endearing butterfly secrets in my ear.



Since then I’ve met some of her friends. Tirumala hamate, the Blue Tiger, was resting peacefully
in the sun.


Eurema hecabe, the Grass Yellow, darted from one long blade of grass to another, only stopping to sip on the sweet nectar of the blossoms.


This orange beauty was so fast I couldn’t even catch her name.


As well as a newly discovered passion, I have a new dream. One day I’m going to discover a previously unknown butterfly, which I will be given the honour of naming. And I already know what I will call her: Justina Beaveri, the Yodelling Wanderer.

Flutter by, butterfly!





  1. JB, you need to go to the butterfly house at Syon Park whilst in London town.

    • Oooh, that would be wonderful. I will get the Eternal Traveller to look it up on the internet for me. Thanks for the tip. JB

  2. What great shots of the butterflies! How amazing to be able to capture them! 🙂

    • Thanks Marsha. It was even more amazing to be so close to one of them. JB

      • I’m sure. We have some on our flowers. They don’t bother to land on me! Manny’s in Spain, so I can’t even try an experiment and find out if they like him! 🙂

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