Our House

Dear Friends,

When I go on a bushwalk I love to visit all the animals that live in the bush. Usually they’re home and I’m made to feel welcome but on my last walk, at Cania Gorge, no-one was in.

Snake wasn’t curled up inside his hollow log.


Bat wasn’t hanging from the roof of his cave.


Frog and fish must have been hiding under the rocks in the waterhole.


The termites weren’t in their nest and neither were the ants. I sat up on a rock at the ants’ nest just in case they returned and I didn’t notice!



Spider wasn’t in his web either. I wasn’t surprised though. Look at the state of it! It could do with a spring clean.


When I got to Bigfoot’s place I was quite glad that he wasn’t home. If his footprint is that big, the rest of him must be enormous.


Home Sweet Home,




  1. I’m a little nervous about you running into bigfoot. That’s quite a footprint. I’d be a little worried about finding the bat, too. 🙂

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