Danger Zone – Weekly Photo Challenge – The Sign Says

Dear Friends,

Although I am travelling around the world I’m an alpine beaver at heart and one of my favourite pastimes is walking in the mountains. I’ve been looking forward to some alpine hiking in New Zealand and the Rob Roy Glacier walk was the perfect choice…or so I thought until I began reading the signs.


It was a beautiful day for hiking and I was enjoying myself immensely when I came across this warning sign.


There wasn’t a snowflake to be seen and I figured the risk of avalanche in the middle of summer was not high, so I continued on.

The next warning sign was even more of a worry, especially when I saw the rock to which it was referring.



If that rock came loose it would be more like a rock plummet than a rock fall and there wouldn’t be much left of this furry little beaver. I walked along that part of the track extra fast!

By the time I saw this sign I was almost ready to give up.


The track dwindled to almost nothing and beside it Rob Roy Stream was a raging torrent.



I was in a dilemma – should I face the danger ahead or retrace my steps and risk being flattened by a boulder or lost in an unseasonal avalanche? While I was wrestling with my indecision, a party of hikers passed by. They negotiated the tricky track easily and I took that as a sign. If they could do it so could I. I pressed on and finally I was rewarded for my bravery.  There in front of me was Rob Roy Glacier. It was magnificent!


Before I go hiking in the mountains again I’m going to sign up for danger insurance.



  1. mrscarmichael

    You brave, brave beaver.

  2. Justin does get around, nice Beaver shots…

    • My plan is to get around the whole world eventually Rider! I’m glad you like my beavery photos. JB

  3. Adorably scary! I was quaking in my hiking boots until the very end, Justin. I’m glad you made it ok! 🙂

  4. Good on you for going on regardless, Justin. Personally, I think we should campaign to have encouraging signs like those at http://twentytwowords.com/2013/05/30/warning-signs-at-historical-sites-tell-visitors-to-relax-and-enjoy-themselves/

    • I was enjoying myself until I read the signs Joy. I think your signs are a good idea. JB

  5. What a brave beaver you are, I’m glad you returned safe and sound!

  6. Just found your blog through the photo challenge. What a brave beaver you are! And cute, too! 😉 Count me in as a new follower!

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