Dear Friends,

I read a quote this week by Jane Freeman – “My paintings are my camera on the world”. I am a keen photographer as you know, but I’ve never tried painting. So I decided to explore my inner artist by taking lessons from a master. He likes to paint en plein air so we set up his easel and palette in a peaceful spot in his garden.


I watched as he blended colours and deftly applied them to the canvas. Inspiration just seemed to flow from the brush.


I was amazed to see how quickly his imaginings became reality and simply astounded when I saw the completed masterpiece.


Do you think it’s a good likeness?




  1. val noble

    The likeness of your portrait is remarkable, deserving of a place in the London Portrait Gallery or The Tate Modern.

    • Thank you Val, I would happily sit beside Henry and Elizabeth in the Portrait Gallery! JB

  2. Hahaha How did he do it, Justin. That is just brilliant! You get better every time I read your blog! 🙂

    • Thank you Marsha! This painting is my pride and joy!

      • I can believe it. That is really excellent. You’ll have to write a post on how you did it. It looked SO amazing! 🙂

        • It was easy Marsha. I just stood there being my usual attractive self and the artist captured my best characteristics!

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