The Pride of Brisbane Town – Weekly Photo Challenge – In The Background

Dear Friends,

This time last year I went to my first ever Australian Rules football game between the Brisbane Lions and Collingwood Football Club at The Gabba in Brisbane. Sadly it wasn’t a good night for the Lions despite my valiant coaching efforts.


 I’m looking forward to this year’s game now. It’s on Friday night and I will be wearing my team scarf and cheering the Lions on to victory.

Then you’ll hear our mighty roar!




  1. Ha ha nice one Justin, my first AFL game was at the Gabba too!

  2. val noble

    Dear Justin
    Anytime that you feel the urge to expand your coaching talents I am sure that Pompey Football Club here in the U.K. would be grateful for any helpful tips from you.

  3. Your photographer got a really great picture of you in the foreground/background. Now that I am aware of that technique I see it in movies all the time! 🙂

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