Unbreak my Heart

Dear Friends,

Have you ever had your heart broken and felt like you would never love again? I have! And after seeing Sans Love at the Anywhere Theatre Festival this week I know I’m not alone.


Sans Love is the newest play by gifted playwright and director Lauren Sherritt. It’s funny and insightful, and it touches on all the tender spots caused by love’s ups and downs. Sans Love tells the story of Mercy, who has the power to take away people’s heartbreak by removing their need for love. Eventually Mercy’s power backfires and she has to face up to her own fear of falling in love.


The play is showing at the Love Love Studio Gallery in Teneriffe and in keeping with the theme the imaginative artworks hanging in the gallery reflect the theme of love, lost and found. As Lauren says: “Sans Love is a tale of magic, risk and romance that wears its heart on its sleeve…and on the walls.”


I am Lauren’s biggest fan so I was overjoyed to be invited to a performance and meet her in person.


Producer Jake Shavikin gave me a few insider tips on how to sell the last few tickets for the show.



 The talented cast was there to greet me and made me feel like I was the star.


Judging by the laughter and audience participation during the show I wasn’t the only one who could relate to Mercy and the Chorus of the Loveless who accompanied her. Perhaps we are not all destined to be sans love after all!


That’s the way love goes,




  1. I LOVE that song, Justin. What you do to me.

    • mrsc, you would LOVE this play too. It was just great and very funny. I wish I could share it with you. JB

  2. You have some exciting outings Justin! The play sounds good.

    • The play was amazing Elaine. One day I will be able to say I knew Lauren Sherritt before she was famous!

  3. Justin, I am sure I would have had as much fun as you obviously did!

  4. Adorable post, Justin. You really are as star. Those are great shots with the stars. You have a great press agent! 🙂

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