There’s No Place Like Home


Dear Friends,

Sue’s word a week challenge theme this week is Mountains, which led me to reminisce about my own high altitude home. So I have written this nostalgic rhyme in its honour.

Ode to Alpspitze

Though I live so far away

My mountain home will always stay

In my heart and in my soul.

Come! I’ll take you for a stroll.


Alpine flowers small and sweet

Blossom all around my feet.


The valley views – oh such delight!

You’ll see for miles from this great height.

To live up here among the trees,

To feel the gentle mountain breeze,

I’ve been lucky, I’ve done this!

Living here is pure bliss.


No matter where I’ve yet to roam

Alpspitze will always be my home.


Home is where the heart is,



  1. Beautiful environment Justin 🙂


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