If I Could Talk To The Animals

Dear Friends,

 There is an abundance of wildlife on Fraser Island but it’s not always easy to spy the animals living in the forest. At Lake Garawongera I was lucky enough to see some of the locals, although they were all too busy to stop and chat.


 The mistletoe bird was eating the berries of the mistletoe plant. He helps the plant by spreading the seeds.


The elf skink was hiding under fallen leaves on the forest floor. He appeared just long enough to warm up in the sun and then he was gone again.


The King Parrot was feasting on seeds and fruit high in the canopy.


The native cockroach was busy cleaning the floor of the forest. Other animals’ trash is his treasure.

 I had a lovely time meeting these amazing creatures and learning more about them. But there was one bush creature I didn’t get to talk to, and I was quite glad about that.


 It must have been one big beaver that cut down this tree!




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