All You Can Eat…

Dear Friends,

I’ve seen some big things during my travels around the world but my visit this week to Rakaia in the South Island of New Zealand broke all previous records. The first thing I saw in Rakaia was a salmon – a very big salmon! He was pointing the way to the salmon farm and the Salmon Tales Café. I never can resist a new café so I followed his directions across the road.


Inside I noticed more big things. On display were enormous pizzas, huge sausage rolls, gigantic cakes and the largest choc chip cookies I’ve ever seen!


Immediately I came to a was time for morning tea. It took quite some time to make a selection from the luscious looking cakes in the cabinet but eventually I chose an old favourite. My choc chip cookie was almost as big as the plate and my coffee came in a bucket!



Even though my meal was super-sized, I managed to polish it all off. There were just a few crumbs left on the plate.


On my way out I commented to the waitress on the ample servings and her reply was: “We have very hungry farmers round here!”

Lucky I got there first.




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