On The Boardwalk

Dear Friends,

I read Skinnywench’s post on A Word In Your Ear this week. Recently she visited Lake St Clair-Cradle Mountain National Park and her story brought back so many memories. She was disappointed not to see a single wombat while she was there, so I decided to share my Cradle Mountain wombat experience in the hope that it cheers her up. Skinnywench, this is for you!


I was exploring the Lake St Clair track and enjoying the peace and quiet of the bush when I noticed a walker coming towards me. It was a wombat and he seemed to be taking in the tranquillity too.


In fact, he was so relaxed that he just walked on by without so much as a nod of the head. He spied a tasty bush and started to tuck in. He just ate and ate and ate, as if this was his last meal.

Eventually I realised there wasn’t going to be any conversation with this furry glutton so I returned to my walk around the lake.

The next day I did have a conversation – with one of the bus drivers, and he asked if I’d met any wildlife on my walk. I told him about my wombat encounter and he wasn’t surprised. He said that wombats always seem to know when bad weather is on the way and they come out to feed while they can. It turned out the wombat was right. Just as I was leaving the National Park it started to snow…


…and by the time I reached Tullah the mountains were frosted with white. I hope the wombat was tucked away somewhere cosy, warm and dry.


He couldn’t possibly have been hungry.



  1. awesome thank you

  2. Carol, you have a hit! Snow or no snow, Justin is a winner! 🙂

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