Snake Charmer

Dear Friends,

Do you remember when I was a guest at Creative Craft Retreat at Lake Perseverance Lodge last year? There were other guests as well that weekend, and I used my best David Attenborough impersonation to take some close up photos without getting too close for comfort.


This king parrot and his less colourful mate were feasting on the seed pods of a tree next to the boardwalk. They were friendly but didn’t stop to chat…too much eating to do.

PicMonkey Collage

Less friendly looking was this diamond python. Judging by the bulge halfway along his body he’d already been feasting. Park ranger Shane told me that he’d probably dined on rabbit and had been digesting his meal in the garden bed for a week already. I was quite relieved to hear this because it meant he shouldn’t be hungry.



Even so l didn’t want to push my luck by venturing too close and I zoomed in from behind the bushes.


Charmed? I’m not so sure!


ps There are more zooming stories on A Word In Your Ear


  1. He doesn’t look charming to me, especially with that fat tummy! However, better rabbit, than you, Justin! 🙂


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