Kiss Me Quick – Weekly Photo Challenge – Kiss

Dear Friends,

I have a new admirer and believe it or not, he’s of the feathered variety! My past experiences with birds have not always been successful but all that has changed since I met Charlie.

tasmania 250
When I was at the Tasmanian Devil Conversation Park at Teranna I decided to put my derring-do to the test by watching the Kings of the Wind free-flight show. It’s the only show in Tasmania featuring raptors so I just couldn’t miss it, despite my misgivings. It turned out I was perfectly safe. The falcon, galah and tawny frogmouth were far more interested in what the keeper had in his hand than in a small beaver – thank goodness for that.

Then out came the star of the show: Charlie the Corella. He was the consummate performer and his tricks had the audience enthralled.

I just had to meet him…

After the show I made my way to the aviaries and it didn’t take long to find Charlie.

tasmania 238

He was as excited as I was and it turned out to be a mutual admiration society!

tasmania 240
When it was time to go Charlie made me promise to come back another time and our friendship was sealed with a kiss.

tasmania 239

Seeing eye to eye!



  1. perfect!

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