The Bear Necessities

Dear Friends,

This week while I was in Rotorua in New Zealand I overheard a conversation between two excited tourists. They’d heard that there was a celebrity in town, a real life action man. I was about to go up to them and introduce myself when they said that the celebrity was going to be at the Outdoorsman Headquarters. I was shocked – obviously it wasn’t me they were talking about!

I decided that if there was another outdoors, action-loving celebrity in Rotorua we needed to meet so off I went to Tarawera Road to check him out.

The Outdoorsman Headquarters is like an Aladdin’s Cave of treasures for anyone who loves camping, hiking and fishing and I felt at home the minute I walked in. I couldn’t decide where to look first for the man of mystery. In the end I didn’t have to look because he found me! He recognised me as a kindred spirit as soon as he saw me and we bonded immediately.


A Bear and a beaver – adventurers together!





  1. Oh I was waiting for a Chinese tour bus full of bears. Justin you make my heart sing. Set backs – pah!

    • I did see lots of tour buses full of Chinese mrsc but no bears, except this one! We are now the best of friends!


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