Here’s to You, Mrs Carmichael!

Dear Friends,

On Christmas Eve I decided that it was time I introduced myself to Santa Claus, another world famous traveller. I’d heard that he was going to be in town so I went out to meet him. But when I got to his office, he wasn’t there!


The sign said “Out to lunch”. How could this be? I thought Santa didn’t stop work until after Christmas. There were children waiting to see the friendly man in the red suit and I didn’t want them to be disappointed so I took his place on the seat and filled in for a while. I didn’t have a red suit but my lederhosen were perfect.


Later I did meet Santa and his friend Frosty at a Christmas party.


I asked him about his absence from the office on such an important day. He said that he had forgotten to bring his lunch box and Mrs Claus was too busy to bring it for him. Even Santa has to eat!

While we were partying I remembered Mrs Carmichael’s recent story about her Christmas tree woes. If a hedgehog can take pride of place on top of the Christmas tree why can’t a yodelling beaver? I felt very festive up there.



Is my name on any of these gifts?





  1. Hahahaaaaa you have made my Boxing Day, JB! Love the post but now feel bad I didn’t leave the hedgehog in situ.
    Thank you for the thoughts and I hope you got everything you wanted Justin.

  2. Santa does have to eat. Imagine going around the world in one day brining gifts to kids. I wonder if he drinks coffee. I was told it’s milk but perhaps a little caffeine helps. Have a magical Christmas.

    • In Australia Santa often finds a cold beer left out for him. Lucky the reindeer have autopilot!

  3. Brilliant both of you. Thank you.

  4. Carol, I mean Justin, As I meet new bloggers, even old friends posing as beavers, I am always impressed by the creative blogs I see around me, and for that reason I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Enjoy it as a compliment. Marsha 🙂 hahahaha 🙂

    • Why thank you Marsha! I am thrilled to be an honorary Sister disguised as a world famous, yodelling, travelling beaver. Justin XX

      • hahahahaha, I mean yodelayeeeooooo! 🙂


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