Cold as Ice

Dear Friends,

The headquarters of the Australian Antarctic Division are in Kingston, south of Hobart, in Tasmania. Some of its most important tasks include conducting scientific research, protecting the Antarctic environment and supporting the Australian bases in Antarctica and the people who work there. When I heard that there were some employment opportunities within the division I decided to offer my services – perhaps as an official mascot, or to share my knowledge of living in cold weather conditions.

Sept 25 046

I had to undergo an arduous regime of interviews and trials as part of the application process.

First I had to train on an Antarctic ice floe.

Sept 25 041

Then I met some of the local inhabitants and they quizzed me about my cold water swimming abilities.

Sept 25 045

Sept 25 044

I was asked to list my preferences for living and working at an Australian base. My first preference would be never to meet one of these creatures in the ocean!

Sept 25 037

Even though I have my own cosy fur coat I had to try out the extra-protective clothing. This hat just wasn’t my style.

Sept 25 040

The huskies were keen to tell me all about their life in the snow and ice, before a new clause in the Antarctic Treaty meant they had to leave in 1994.

Sept 25 039

After all the conversation about extreme weather conditions I wasn’t so sure that this was the job for me. Maybe I should stick to what I know and love best…exploring the world – in comfort.

Sept 25 047


Did you know?

  • Antarctica is the driest, windiest, coldest place on Earth.
  • The Antarctic ice cap has between 60 and 70 % of all the world’s fresh water.
  • When the ice expands in winter it doubles the size of Antarctica and by mid-winter it is the size of one and a half USAs, two Australias or fifty UKs. That is a lot of ice!
An aerial view of Antarctica. Weddell Sea is t...

An aerial view of Antarctica. Weddell Sea is the ‘bay’ in the top left corner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



  1. This is too adorable. Justin is becoming quite the traveler. He might like to travel with Manny. Manny went everywhere with us until Kalev came to live with us. Then we had to put Manny up so Kalev wouldn’t eat him. She is quite jealous of everyone – even V and I can’t pay attention to each other without her getting up in arms. 🙂

  2. Much to our elder daughter’s intense embarrassment Justin goes places with us too. I asked her to come to the shops with me so I could get a photo of him with Santa but she flatly refused. So I went on my own! Sadly there was a huge queue of children, so I came home again. Luckily I have a plan B!

  3. Val Noble

    Dear Justin,
    Just to say thanks for all the entertainment you have given me with the tales of all your many adventures and to wish you the compliments of the season. I hope that you have a very happy christmas and I know (secret sources) that you are going to have a busy and adventourous new year.

    • Thank you Val. I am planning some great adventures in 2013. I’m glad you like reading about my travels.

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