Weekly Photo Challenge – Changing Seasons

Dear Friends,

In south western Tasmania the average rainfall for the three months of Winter is more than 500 mm or about 19 inches. This water, combined with snowmelt from the surrounding Western Wilderness area, means that the waterways become raging torrents in early Spring.


Botanical Creek, which flows through the People’s Park at Strahan, is often just a gentle stream but when I visited in late September it was more like a river.


The creek flows over the rocks at Hogarth Falls and the sound of the rushing water is an indication of its force.


The deep brown colour comes from tannin, leached from decaying plant matter on the rainforest floor. Instinctively I looked for spots where a beaver could build a home on the creek, but no beaver’s lodge would withstand the powerful surge of water over these falls.


No swimming here!




  1. Wow, that is a powerful waterfall. I was in Washington state in mid-November during a torrential rainstorm – even for Washington. I ate in a restaurant called Falls Terrace. The view was spectacular, but I forgot to bring in my camera, and it was raining so hard, I sure didn’t want to go out!!! The falls and river were bursting, but probably half of this!!!

  2. It wasn’t a high waterfall but it was wide and the water was flowing very fast. Justin

  3. Hi Justin,
    I was at the Hogarth Falls last week and it was much calmer. There was even a platypus who makes its burrow in the earth bank so is protected from the raging falls. Pity you did not see it, as you would have enjoyed comparing notes. You could have taught it yodelling and it could have taught you to “coo-ee” 🙂

    • He didn’t come out when I was there Joy. I would like to meet a platypus one day. We would have lots in common. We both like to swim and we’re both very handsome.

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