On The Wings of an Eagle – Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections

Dear Friends,

It’s not just Tasmanian Devils who live at the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park. Many other native Australian animals make their home there, including quolls, kangaroos and wallabies. There are lots of native birds too – sulphur crested cockatoos, kookaburras and Cape Barren Geese.

But the most impressive inhabitant of them all is this wedge-tailed eagle.

tasmania 258

Wedge-tailed eagles are the largest of Australia’s birds of prey, with a wing span of up to 2.27 metres (7 ft 5 in). They are talented hunters with keen eyesight and are happy to dine on any small animals that are unfortunate enough to cross their path.

I was very glad to be on the other side of the glass the day I met this enormous bird of prey. He was enjoying a meal of something furry and didn’t seem to notice me. Thank goodness! It was a bit freaky to see my reflection as though I was in there with him and it wasn’t difficult to imagine the sort of welcome I would receive if I was.

tasmania 259

 Was his eagle eye on me?



  1. Are these animals native to the island, or have they been brought over from Australia? Love the eagle pic, he looks really mean!

  2. Hi Lois, all these animals are native. In fact the only creature in this post who isn’t native is me – I’m from Germany! Justin.

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