Weekly Photo Challenge – Thankful

Dear Friends,

There have been many times when I was thankful for my thick, warm, furry coat. This was never more so than the September day I went to the top of Mt Wellington in Tasmania. In Hobart the weather was mild with a maximum temperature of 17° but at the pinnacle it was blowing a gale and the temperature had plummeted to 1° – brrrrrr.

There were still patches of snow around the mountain top and occasionally flurries of snowflakes whirled around. It was so windy that I was blown over more than once! Thankfully a beaver’s fur is waterproof.

I was rewarded for my efforts with this amazing view of Hobart.

Don’t look down!




  1. Just spotted your site – Mr Carmichael thought for such an embarrassingly long time that the famous Justin (sorry JB) was called Justin Beaver. His four daughters tease him unmercifully.

    • Welcome. Poor Mr C. Now you can tell him that he was right all along and the most famous Justin of all really is a beaver. And I sing too – you should hear me yodel.

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